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I’m really, really, really sorry. I know that I totally slipped yesterday, and didn’t report anything about Facebook. But don’t despair, all. I found more Facebook news today!

Tuesday, VC firm Bay Partners launched a program to fund Facebook platform programmers. The E-Commerce Times reports:

Dubbed the “AppFactory,” the program will grant awards of US$25,000 to $250,000 to Facebook developers using a fast-track approval process. The company hopes to make up to 50 such awards, Salil Deshpande, a partner at Bay Partners, told the E-Commerce Times.

“We don’t know how it will go,” Deshpande added. “The only constraint will be our bandwidth in terms of the time and effort it takes to evaluate, manage and nurture these projects.”

Oh, to be rich and have only time and effort in your way. Wait. Can’t they hire more people to take care of that?

They’ve already received over 30 applications, from the hundreds of apps (okay, well, it seems that way) created in the first six weeks of the platform. I hope Scrabulous wins something; I love Scrabble. But they’ll probably give the prizes to things that are “useful.”

In other news, Facebook’s blog announced Tuesday that they reached 30 million active members. Somehow, they didn’t mention that The Lisa added me as a friend. What do they know about big news?

For comparions, the E-Commerce Times says “MySpace currently has a membership approaching 70 million users.” I assume they meant active users, since it’s been almost a year since the infamous 100 millionth account was created.

  • Lol – keep up the steady stream of facebook news, even I’ve started blogging about Facebook now!

  • I’m also a fan of Scrabulous. I’ve got 6 games games going right now. I love it. There are also a bunch of other great apps on Facebook already. I hope this program will result in several new great apps. FaceBook is awesome.

  • I like the way FaceBook is riding the wave at the moment, and it seems like they have the foresight and drive to stay up there with the best of them.

    p.s. Jordan, just added you to my friends .. fancy a game of Scrabble ?

  • Ok I’m sold. What’s scrabulous. I woke up this morning never having heard of it and not I’ve seen three or four mentions of it as apparently the greatest game on earth.

    I need to be more active on Facebook I guess.

  • Jordan McCollum

    Scrabulous=Scrabble. Please tell me you’ve heard of Scrabble.

  • Scabulous is a website which allows users to play to play scrabble with one another online. They have a Facebook app by the same name which allows users to play scrabble within Facebook, which is what we are talking about here. It is nice because you don’t necessarily have to play in real time, you can make a move then log out and when you log back in your opponent will likely have made a move and it will be your turn again.