Posted July 18, 2007 7:12 pm by with 1 comment

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Find your potential customers where they are now: text messaging. Greg Sterling initiated a straw poll on Facebook last night. He reported his findings on Local Mobile Search:

  • I just make calls: 10%
  • I mainly text message people: 9%
  • I call and text message people: 68%
  • I call, text and surf the mobile Internet: 14%

The gender and age breakdown was as follows:

  • Female: 91% — this is interesting
  • Male: 9%
  • 13-17: 40%
  • 8-24: 55% — the core demographic of Facebook [if you want to be technical, less than 30% of Facebook is in this group; the largest age demographic on Facebook is the “35+” category, with nearly 40% of its unique visitors, like we reported last week]
  • 25-34: 4%
  • 35-49: <1%

I would have liked to see a straw poll with check boxes for people to select by “I make calls,” “I text people” and “I surf the mobile Internet” (okay, really I’d like to see options to see if they’re using mobile search, email and video).


  • Facebook is amazing.

    However, its success is a double edge sword, people end up getting frustrated with the constant email updates. With work places banning access to it, does Facebook need to create a new model to achieve the frequency of engagement of its audience for marketers; the key ingredient that internet advertisers are looking for to generate good internet branding opportunities.