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Update: Due to excessive downloads, we are now asking for a small $5 payment for each copy. Thanks!


How would you like to get your hands on a 163-page internet marketing book for free? No we didn’t just rip-off the local Barnes & Noble, but we did take all of the submissions from our two search marketing scholarship contest, edit them, and compile them in a fantastic ebook. We thought about how much we could sell such a book, but then we thought aw heck, let’s just give it away!

The book is packed full of advice on search engine optimization, paid search and social media marketing and is worth at least 1000x the price you’ll pay for it!

Thanks to all of those that contributed, those that donated prizes, our judges and Jordan McCollum for her editing skillz.

We hope you’ll enjoy it!

  • Melissa

    I read through about 25 pages and scanned some. Very interesting. Thanks. I posted the info on my blog. I think it is a great way for people to learn and it is free…You can’t beat that.

  • Brian Chappell

    Nice Andy. Thanks!

  • trickster


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  • AdvertiseSpace

    Wow, great ebook. It IS actually free too. No email address trick required.

    A lot of basics, but some good solid articles in there, and a few tricks the pure white hats out there may not know. You have to keep reading, as they keep get better.

    Thanks, good stuff.

  • Steven Bradley

    Good idea Andy. Does this mean I can tell people I’m a published author now? My mother will be so proud.

  • Mark Barrera

    Thanks Andy (and Jordan) for a great resource and I think everyone should check it out. And as has been already pointed out – TRULY free with no email capture to prevent anyone from checking it out!

  • Mike Ford

    These articles were very informative…and free. Here’s another good resource if anyone is interested:

  • netnuke

    Very nice and informative.

  • Webmaster Money

    Thanks for that book… need to print it and read id and use it :)

  • Owen Cutajar

    Excellent idea. Thanks guys. It’s always great for everyone to have such great resources available for free.

  • Theresa Cahill

    Hi Andy! Saw your post through the Google alert. Thanks for a great resource (and free to boot) we can tell our members about…

    Theresa Cahill

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  • 4MySales

    The book is great. Andy, thank yor for such a great tool.


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  • Tim L. Walker

    Nice, thanks for putting that together for us! Bathroom reading material for at least a month! 😉

  • Sylvia Victor

    It is exhalent people need to read it. : )

  • Perde

    Very comprehensive document indeed. My inital intention was to read the whole book at once, but I soon figured out that was not gonna happen.

  • stor perde

    what is free ebook?

  • zokmote

    Nice, thanks for putting that together for us! Bathroom reading material for at least a month!

  • jay

    what is free ebook?

  • tatam

    good, i can learn

  • Ezine Solo Ads

    Andy, I’m quite confused … if the book is free why do I have to pay … “Just $5″?

  • Andy Beal

    We’ve added a minor charge to cover overhead and automated downloads.

  • Becca

    Where is the “free” download located?

  • Ezine Solo Ads

    I see … In order not to create further confusions (see Becca’s comment) I’d suggest you to modify also the image and its ALT tab.

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  • SEO Chris

    Shame that you’ve had to put a price tag on it – I’m sure its got vto be worth the 5 bucks though. I’m just working on a free SEO book myself which is in the early stages so far (about 20 pages in). Will be giving away extracts on our blog each month with the opportunity to download the whole thing for free when its finished as well.

  • eBook Cover Designer

    Nice. Brilliant way of pulling together content to make an eBook. Content is king, and you just grabbed a ton of it! Well done!