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Inside AdWords has announced the launch of Google AdWords new ad performance tool – Campaign Optimizer.

The new tool is designed to look for weaknesses in your campaign and suggest ways to boost performance.

Here’s where you can run it…

How does it work?

…first, the tool analyzes your campaign to see what settings have or haven’t worked well for you recently — this process typically takes a minute or less. Next, it generates a customized proposal of ideas for your campaign aimed at improving your performance. Finally, you’ll be able to review each proposed change and apply the ones you like directly to your campaign.

Take a look at all of the lovely benefits Google lists, and see if you notice something of interest…

  • Change daily budget. Budget adjustments can affect your ad visibility and bring you more traffic.
  • Add new keywords. Campaign Optimizer proposes targeted keywords that relate to your landing page.
  • Change keyword matching options. The right matching option can help you reach customers more effectively.
  • Adjust keyword maximum cost-per-click bid. Your maximum CPC bid (in addition to your ad quality) affects your ad position.
  • Change ad text. Your ad text affects your click-through rate.

Did you spot it? I know, it’s subtle. There are no suggestions that involve reducing your spend, killing keywords, or down-bidding. It looks like Google mostly associates “optimize” with increasing. 😉

  • good news for advertisters.

  • Yea, kinda hard to take it seriously. Sort of like taking AA advice from your bartender.

    But Google builds and the masses will follow blindfolded.

  • I just tested a campaign. I was bidding on plumbers in my town. The keyword suggestions were kind of crazy. The tool suggested I bid on “real estate” and my town?
    The Ad optimizer section tool was ok, suggested I capitalize each letter in my display URL which I should have done in the first place.

    Try it, can’t hurt. The nicest thing about the optimizer was that if you like the suggestion, you can simply click it and it is added.

  • Jim

    While it could be a good thing for a client manager (like my business), I think they are trying to push out Adwords Managers.

    They have introduced a few tools lately that do not give access to client managers, which looks like a move to slowly push the middlemen out of the picture.

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