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Google Copyright Filter Coming to YouTube this Fall

Sometime this Fall, Google will rollout a copyright filtering system for YouTube and try to catch infringements before they’re posted.

At a court hearing related to Viacom’s (and many others) law suit against the video service, YouTube attorney Philip Beck revealed they’re working on a system that would only take a few minutes to determine if a clip is copyrighted material. Unfortunately, Beck was somewhat vague on when Google would have the screening in place. Clarification from Google doesn’t help either:

“We hope to have the testing completed and technology available by sometime in the Fall,” said a Google spokesman in an e-mail. “But this is one of the most technologically complicated tasks that we have ever undertaken, and as always with cutting-edge technologies, it’s difficult to forecast specific launch dates.”

Meanwhile, the law suits will continue and may take years before there’s any definitive outcome. Any new copyright filter implemented at YouTube won’t give Google a free pass for past transgressions, meaning Viacom still wants blood for the previous years of copyright infringement.

  • Jaan Kanellis

    I am seeing many videos being removed on a regular basis already. Something is already in place as far as copyright for the major networks is concerned.

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