Posted July 17, 2007 10:24 am by with 4 comments

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The Wall Street Journal’s reporting on a rumor that Google wants to get into the mobile content business and is busily working on a solution that will allow you to buy ringtones, games and other junk useful content.

With the new system, users would search for a piece of content — say, a U2 ringtone — and get back a list of providers as well as links enabling them to easily purchase the material. Eventually, Google would charge companies for high placement in the search results, much the way it offers “sponsored links” on computer Web searches, the people familiar with the plans say.

Yahoo and Ask have already made their mobile move this year and if Google expands on its mobile search offering, we could finally see the mobile era – perhaps we have the iPhone to thank for the attention.

Still, it’s not smooth sailing for Google. They’re finding that building a mobile platform is a tricky operation.

The company has been working for months with content providers — including large entertainment companies and smaller mobile-media aggregators — to index their material and make it available via mobile search. But the project has been marred by a series of technical delays, people familiar with the matter say, illustrating that there’s a learning curve as Internet giants adjust to the peculiarities of the mobile world. It isn’t clear how soon Google plans to launch the service.

Bring it on G-dog! You already have my email, calendar, instant messenger, analytics, rss reader, groups, desktop images, telephone number, toolbar, desktop search, rss feeds, and site search. Give me the mobile content and install the brain implants and let’s get this show on the road!