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I’m sure many Feedburner users felt butterflies when they learned that Google had acquired the company. What would happen to the service we so dearly love, would we get to keep the features we wanted, would we have to put up with AdWords in order to maintain a free service?

Well, the first changes are here and they’re all great news for FeedBurner users. First up, you can now get FeedBurner’s MyBrand for free! If you’re not familiar, MyBrand is the service that lets you use your own domain name for your RSS feed URL, instead of Feedburner’s. It used to cost a few dollars each month, and now it’s free for everyone! The sign-up process is a little archaic – send an email and request the upgrade, but still, it’s free!

The second announced change is the option to test Feedburner Stats Pro for free for 15 days forever!.

More information at GOS.

  • Jim Kukral

    Sucks if you’ve already paid for it :(

  • Owen Cutajar

    Thanks for the tip. Off to request it.

  • Mark Barrera

    Hopefully they will just decide to give away all of the advanced features for free instead of just the 15 day trial. I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

  • Mark Barrera

    Nevermind – Looks like they have already done this!

  • Jeremy Luebke

    The MyBrand thing is a huge deal. Now everyone can own their feed instead of FeedBurner owning it.

    Man I sure wish I could afford to own the world and give it away for free in exchange for participation in my ad network 😉

  • Traci

    Hi Andy –

    There is no longer a 15-day trial since the FeedBurner Stats Pro service is now free. Let me know if you’re still seeing that language anywhere on the site – we may have missed it.


  • Webmaster Money

    This is good. Google just needs to reward users who stayed with them.

  • Steven Bradley

    Nice improvements. More free stuff from Google to keep us all tied to Google. I have to admit though they do give away some useful things.

  • Brian Chappell

    Am I understanding this correctly. Instead of it will be

  • Andy Beal

    @Brian – I believe you can set it whatever you want

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