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Google Webmaster Central announces today the addition of a message center to the Webmaster Console (Webmaster Tools>Dashboard).

What are they going to communicate with site owners about? In the example on the blog post, they sent a message to a site owner about a violation of the quality guidelines (specifically, hidden text on a site).

The Message Center is available in all the languages and countries that Webmaster Tools is available in (the blog post mentions “French, Italian, German, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, Korean, Japanese, etc.”).

Don’t get too excited:

Right now the number of sites we’re contacting is small, but we hope to expand this program over time. We’re also really happy that the Message Center lets us communicate with webmasters in an authenticated way.

I’m kind of tempted to go put some hidden text or something on my site to see if they notice. Not worth it, I know, but still…

At SMX during the You & A with Matt Cutts, Matt asked what features we’d like to see in the Webmaster Console. Several requests included various reporting capabilities (Vanessa Fox would field similar requests at the Duplicate Content session). Among the communication requested:

  • Penalty report
  • 404 reports (where were visitors coming from)
  • (Mentioned during Duplicate Content session) Duplicate content reports

Think they’ll be sending messages about any of these?

  • I am glad they are trying more and more to communicate to us, but I wish they would answer more of the emails we send them through Webmaster Console.

  • I just started using Google Webmaster and really haven’t had a chance to see all the features they offer, but this one, if it works properly, will definitely be a great help to Webmasters.

  • Anytime a search engine is willing to open up more and share some information it has to be seen as a good thing. Will the message center prove incredibly useful? Who knows, but like Jaan said I’m glad they’re trying to communicate with us more.

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