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More on Google’s Wireless Spectrum Bid Bluff

So, is Google really interested in winning the bid for the FCC’s upcoming 700mhz wireless spectrum auction, or is it just a big bluff?

You can never really tell with Google. Maybe they’re interested in owning the frequency so they can continue their quest to dominate every aspect of our connected-lives. Then again, maybe they’re just using this as leverage. Here’s a ZDNet statement that caught my eye

But the company has been tight-lipped about specific plans for building out mobile access. And now it seems to be hedging its bets between a strategy of partnership and one that puts Google in full control. So while it rails against the phone companies at hearings on Capitol Hill or within city halls, the company is also trying to strike deals with these same operators behind closed doors.

Makes you think that Google’s simply bluffing, doesn’t it? Threatening to become a wireless carrier is one sure way to get the attention of those already in the mobile space. Surely the likes of Verizon and AT&T would be willing to accommodate Google’s partnership ambitions, just so long as the company stays out of their business.