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We don’t often depart from normal marketing news coverage, but over at SEOmoz, Rand Fishkin has put together some great advice for any blogger hoping to match the 1 million backlinks they’ve built.

Although I’ve worked with Rand, it’s as an outside observer that I’ve been able to pinpoint the majority of SEOmoz’s success, and I’m glad that Rand’s covered this in his post. SEOmoz is one of the most powerful SEO communities on the web. There are few sites that have the same loyalty and numbers that SEOmoz has and it’s something they cherish and nurture with ever breath they take.

Any blogger would be wise to absorb what Rand has to say about building communities. Here’s the first of five tips he offers on the topic:

Don’t pretend to care, actually care – I think this lesson took me a few years to learn, but it’s been invaluable. While it might seem like a good idea to feign an interest in a person you meet, it’s far better to actually be interested in them. There’s a difference, and almost everyone can tell. Personally, I probe until I find something fascinating, and trust me, there’s almost always something you can connect on when it comes to people you meet during professional networking events – a school, a mutual friend, an industry event, a news item, a hobby, etc. Whatever that common ground is, find it – your reward will be a positive connection that both parties remember.

Congratulations to SEOmoz on their success! Marketing Pilgrim’s still less than two years old, so we’ve got a long way to go in increasing our backlink numbers – although I’m chuffed to bits to have 180k+ of them.

  • I would say 180,000 backlinks is pretty descent there Andy 😉

    I would say a large part of SEOmoz’s success is the Page Strength tool.

    I think you need a tool like that to take your site to the next level. You ever thought about creating a tool that can calculate the overall reputation of a site, or brand name, with the click of a button?

  • SEOmoz’s community is definitely one of it’s greatest strengths. I really think the YOUmoz section is going to be a gold mine for them and they’ve only just scratched the surface.

  • The personality of Rand and the whole team at SEOmoz is fantastic. I remember the first time I sent Rand an email about one of my post ideas and he responded with actual enthusiasm. I was so happy that a) he even responded and b) he was actually interested.

    I think this is a huge part in how SEOmoz has become so popular.

  • @Brian – sounds easy, but sounds like a lot of work. 😉 That said, look for a free ebook from us next week – that might help with the backlink numbers! 😉

  • Tom

    It really is a great achievement for the guys over at SEOmoz – wish them all the best for the next million!

    PS – Andy, we’ve been busy in the office again – thought you might want to take a look at our comparison between Rand and Dr Evil here 🙂

  • Andy – I’d say that your doing a bang up job yourself here at MarketingPilgrim.

    Looks like the job board is picking up great traction also.

  • I spoke to Rand once and he is a really nice chap. He was the one that told me that Andy Beal was a fellow Brit in North Carolina I think.

    Loads of success to him.


  • @Mark – yeah we’re getting a lot of syndicated posts which help with the content – not so much the pocketbook though. Thanks for the kind words!

  • It’s amazing how well written and thorough the content on SEOmoz is. They sure know how to crank out valuable – and linkable – content.

  • They know, what to do about content quality.

  • The content and the community are two very good reasons for all those links. Another is the open nature of the site. It also doesn’t hurt that everyone at SEOmoz is pretty likable.

    All those links are well deserved.

  • I think this post of yours helps their 1,000,000 backlinks scheme! 😛