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There are many successful bloggers that I look up to and constantly track their every move – although I’m not quite stalking them yet. TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington is one such blogger that has created the benchmark by which other tech bloggers are compared. Wired magazine has written a profile on Arrington, documenting his rise in the blogosphere and his plans for the future.

Already, he’s laying the groundwork for a whole stable of clued-in, hard-driving news blogs: MusicCrunch, SoftwareCrunch, TelecomCrunch. “The goal is to have 15 to 20 sites 18 months from now,” he says . He plans to hire popular bloggers and create a home­page with the best news from each site to draw readers. From there, they could drill into each topic in more depth. His aim is to become the premier technology news site on the Internet, one that goes head-to-head with CNET and potentially with other technology news sites, including Arrington figures he can get by with just a few dozen employees. “With 25 to 30 paid writers against CNET’s huge cost base, they won’t be able to compete,” he says.

And with $200k a month coming in from TechCrunch, he’s got the money to do it too!

So who do you want to be like? Which person “makes you want to be a better man blogger?”

  • $200,000 per month is fantastic, actually, phenomenal.

    But let’s not forget “Hot or Not” or “”; both seem to be a lot more successful — at least financially successful — than Arrington & Co.

    I’d also give more accolades to Richard MacManus; I believe it’s a lot harder to build up social capital in this sector without being able to have daily face time. Although the Internet helps, indeed has made the Read/Write Web universe doable from New Zealand, it’s the daily physical blocking-and-tackling advantage that one has by being in the Valley, and advantage for Arrington & Co. and a disadvantage for MacManus & Co. So to do what he has with R/WW from New Zealand is a major accomplishment, something to truly be admired.

  • 200k is great, i wonder %10 of it 🙂