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Breaking news: Microsoft has made another acquisition in the advertising space, this time picking-up ad auction marketplace company AdECN, Inc.

Here’s what we know from the press release:

Founded in 2003, AdECN brings both key technologies and significant domain expertise to the Microsoft team. Advertisers and publishers will benefit from this deal in the following ways:

  • Advertisers will get access to more inventory, enabling more efficient matching of their requirements which can help increase ROI.
  • Publishers will be able to increase yield – earn more money per page view – due to the higher volume of available inventory.
  • Both groups will benefit from the exchange’s neutrality and transparency, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their bid and ask decisions.

“Both Microsoft and AdECN have a deep commitment to creating the technologies and platforms that enable advertisers and publishers to maximize their ROI in the digital marketplace,” said Kevin Johnson, president, Platforms and Services Division at Microsoft. “We believe the addition of AdECN to the Microsoft portfolio is a perfect fit and will create more efficiency for the industry by forming a more robust marketplace between advertisers and publishers, aggregating more supply and demand. This is good for the whole advertising industry.”

No terms were shared and Microsoft doesn’t expect to close on the acquisition of the 30-person company until next year.