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Among US mobile email users, as reported today from ExactTarget’s “E-Mail Marketing for the Small Screen” by eMarketer Daily, there should definitely be a higher mortality rate: 39% of them read their email while driving. In all honesty, I have attempted to text message while driving—sufficeth it to say this is not a good idea.

39% of them also read their email while talking on the phone, 40% in the restroom, and 61% during a meeting or class. Such manners!

The study also found that almost 90% of mobile email users skimmed their emails on their phones, only to read them in full or delete them from their computers. 54% had followed a link in a mobile email and 20% had used their phones to make an online purchase—which, considering the adoption rate, is pretty encouraging..

Speaking of the adoption rate, an April 2007 Ingenio/Harris Interactive study indicated that only 9% of mobile users are mobile email users.

Let’s recap:

  • Less than 10% of mobile users actually use mobile email.
  • The vast majority of those who do use mobile email use it while distracted (or to distract themselves).
  • The vast majority of mobile email users don’t read thoroughly

So, is that three-strikes-you’re-out for mobile email for now?

  • Using a mobile whilst driving is illegal in the UK.

    There is two things I don’t really understand. Firstly why would you want to read your emails whilst driving, I don’t try to play Golf whilst driving.

    Secondly why can’t you just wait till you get home or to the office. You’ll have plenty of time to concentrate on all that spam then.

  • 39% reading email while driving? No wonder the other 61% of us need to be even more alert.

  • Taylor

    I admit to being one of those that have used MovaMail and MovaMessenger while driving. Stupid I know… and I have since stopped the habit. But its so damn addictive. I find myself pulling over now to email and IM. I think governments need to build pull over stations on the roads for those of us that can not wait. 😉


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  • Perhaps the iPhone will change all that? I don’t know, personally, I would like to leave the online world when going out.