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By Ryan Douglas

Don’t let the summer whiz past you and leave you unprepared for Q4 holiday season. Spend some of those long, sweltering days prepping your AdWords, YSM, and adCenter accounts. With some work, your search engine marketing performance can shine this holiday season. So grab some popsicles, put down the TV remote and follow these suggestions for beating the heat and preparing for the holiday season.

  • If you didn’t do any “spring cleaning” of your account it is not too late. I strongly suggest that you prune any extremely poor performing keywords or ad copy.
  • One item I see many advertisers failing to do no matter the industry – name your campaigns and ad groups something meaningful and descriptive. Avoid creating numerical naming conventions such as “Campaign #1, 2, 3-40”, and avoid naming ad groups “test group 1”, “stuff”, or “my widgets”. Instead name your campaigns around some type of hierarchy or organizational structure. If you sell automotive parts consider naming a campaign “Volkswagen Auto Parts” and create child ad groups “Bug/Beetle, Bus, Rabbit” That way you or anyone else can easily navigate through your account. It may be tedious to rename 200 ad groups, but what else would you be doing besides watching late night infomercials? You’ll thank me later for this organizational tip.
  • Develop and strategize how you want your account to perform during the holidays. Plan for new keyword and campaign development time; you will be glad you saved dates on the calendar now because you?ll soon run out near the end of Q3. Setup campaigns and promotions and schedule them to run at a future date. Getting these types of planning items done early frees you up later when you really need to focus on making your business run.
  • Test ad copy. When you think you are finished, test some more. This should always be evolving and never accept “good enough” results. Build out ad copy ahead of time so you have well performing ads when it comes crunch time.
  • Tighten up your ad spending for summer months when it may be slow. This may not apply to all industries/markets but take the time to try and realize when peak seasonality is for your organization, or if there are buying cycles for your product.

Armed with a few of these basic tips, I’m confident that you won’t be frantically running around on Cyber Tuesday (or Monday) wishing you hadn’t wasted everyday this summer at the movie theater.

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