Be Careful When Visiting MySpace Mexico

Just a heads-up that if you happen to visit the newly launched MySpace Mexico, your future visits to MySpace may well default to Spanish.

Imagine my surprise to find this waiting for me at


Lessons from the Tweeter saga

In case you missed it, high-end audio retailer Tweeter recently filed for bankruptcy and was acquired by Schultze Asset Management. There is a lesson or two to be learned from this sad story.

First of all, it is important to realize the role that internet retailing made in the demise of Tweeter. Many (not all) internet retailers engage in a practice called “free-riding” in which they take advantage of the massive branding and education efforts of large companies and sell their products at a deeply discounted rate.

In practice, it works like this. If I want a high end stereo system, I might shop at Tweeter, picking the salesperson’s brain for an hour or so and deciding on the exact equipment I want to buy. I would then go home, jump on the internet, and buy the system at a discount from a retailer that provides little add-on value but does have the lowest price.

Summer is Time to up your Search Marketing Effort

We’ve not been having a great summer over here in the UK, but where-ever you are, the summer might be the ideal time to up the ante and make an extra push on your search marketing efforts.

Other SEOs are on Holiday – even the smallest niches, the chances are there are other websites competing for links and position in the rankings. If you can use the time, when they are off holidaying or enjoying longer lunch breaks to get extra links, you’ll gain a real competitive advantage. Similarly if you or your team are taking time off, don’t let your marketing efforts stop completely, delegate the work or find a friendly intern from your local college to help out.

How to Connect with Marketing Pilgrim (and Andy Beal)

This social media stuff will never catch-on (yes this is sarcasm folks), but just in case it does, here are the different flavors of Marketing Pilgrim.


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Pilgrim’s Picks for July 24

Before I forget, remember to tune in for Marketing Pilgrim Live today at 1:30pm EST. Ok, now on to the news…

Google Investors Betting on Impossible Growth

Mr Impossible Here’s a wake-up call for every investor that was disappointed in Google’s recent financial numbers – you’re expecting the impossible out of the company!

According to Fortune, it’s virtually impossible for Google to live up to the expectations of its current stock price. A quick explanation. When you buy a stock, you shouldn’t buy based on the company’s current valuation or profits. Instead, most investors value a stock based upon the expected future value.

Specifically, a stream of future profits, in particular what’s called economic profit or economic value added (EVA), the dollar amount by which return on capital exceeds the cost of capital.

Ok, still with me? Fortune asked analysts to calculate how much Google would have to grow, in order to match the expectations set by its current stock price.

Google’s Dial Goes to “11” to Beat Perfect 10’s Legal Claim

If you’re a follower of the Perfect 10 site law suit, you’ll be interested to know that the final chapter has been written. According to the Mercury news, the courts have decided there’s no evidence to suggest Google’s display of thumbnail images encourages other web sites to distribute copyrighted images.

U.S. District Judge Howard Matz on Monday dismissed the claim at a hearing in Los Angeles federal court, saying there was no basis to justify the allegation. Matz last year granted Perfect 10’s request for an order temporarily preventing Google from displaying thumbnail images that link to third-party Web sites with Perfect 10’s full-size pictures. was also cleared of any wrong doing.