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ppcmanagement [This is an advertorial – please move on if you’re not interested in owning a new domain name. 🙂 ]

I know how bad you felt when you realized you had missed out on the chance to own – who could afford the reported $5 million price tag? Well, I have good news about another great domain name, at a relative bargain!

I’ve been engaged to help spread the word about a very popular domain name that is going up for sale:

Actually, it’s more than just the domain name, it’s a fully operational web site with lots of great content.

The site absolutely dominates Google for the most popular keywords including of course:

Even better, if you’re already buying these keywords, you know you’re spending around $10 per click and thousands per month, to bid on these popular terms. Imagine how much money you’d save.

Other stuff you may want to know:

  • The site is more than 6 years old.
  • The site has never engaged in link building – no paid links! Imagine what you could do with some extra effort?
  • The rankings have been stable for many years.

Ok, the rest we’ll leave up to you to research – we know you’re savvy enough to do your due diligence.

So, interested? As I said, I’m kind of acting as a broker here. The seller isn’t in a rush to sell, but he’s moving onto a new venture and doesn’t have the time to keep up with this business. 

If you’re SERIOUSLY interested (which mean you understand the huge value of owning this domain name), please contact me directly for more information and sale price.

[Ok, resume normal programming]

  • I’ll offer $22 bucks and a used Ipod. Think its a winning bid?

  • @BigSlick – what kind of iPod? 😉

    I think you’re chances are slim.

  • $23 and a used iPhone? 🙂 Good luck Andy, and I hope we get to hear how much it does go for (that’s the fun part for the rest of us!).

  • Hi Andy –

    Does the sale include the PPC Management software package? We have used this in the past. Is it still being supported?


  • @Chris – no the software is not included.

  • Gotcha, thanks. It is good software, we used it to run our PPC campaigns for years.