Posted July 17, 2007 12:01 am by with 3 comments

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So I’m sitting here listening to some old school jams, reading my daily mundane marketing RSS feeds, and preparing something to put me out of my misery. But wait, what is this? A blog post, and not an article, that is more useful than any article I have read in a month (or longer)?

I’ve covered link cloaking before. It’s usually not hard to spot. Those that do it usually do so in excess. While discussing and possible link cloaking David Naylor brings to light that Google is showing site => redirect => site links compared to Yahoo only showing site => site links with a backlink check.

For example, a site that is number one for a very competitive phrase shows only 84 backlinks in Yahoo while the number two spot shows over 100,000 links. Using the Google backlink search you get a much better understanding of how this can happen even if the Google data is incomplete.

If you are wanting real life examples then don’t worry. I’ll give one in an upcoming post.

  • But what if the ‘link cloaking’ was just for tracking purposes which is what I use it mainly for.

    You need to know which links visitors are following and it’s nice to know if affiliate stats are matching.

  • I see it on

  • Curious one. I thought redirects were frowned upon by google. I will be very interested in seeing some real life examples in your upcoming post.
    I can understand why people do it, but i would have thought it would be considered blackhat.