Posted July 12, 2007 10:05 am by with 6 comments

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My good friend Rob Key of Converseon has asked us to help spread the word about a worthwhile effort to plant as many as 1 million trees.

The Second Chance Trees Reforestation Project uses Second Life as a platform to teach visitors about the planet’s endangered rainforests and the dangers of deforestation. For every tree you buy and plant in Second Life, a real tree will be carefully planted in the real world.

The project has gotten the attention of American Express who have listed it as a Top 50 finalist for The Members Project contest, with the winner getting as much as $5 million to fund their efforts.

So, here’s how you can help FOR FREE!

  • If you own an American Express card, head over and vote for Second Chance Trees.
  • Come back here and leave a comment when you’ve done so.
  • Converseon will then plant a tree in your name – in Second Life and real life – as a thank you for your vote.

Ok, so you don’t win an Nintendo Wii or an iPod, but your vote will guarantee at least one tree is planted and could help the project get funding to plant 1 million more.

Feel good about yourself today, go and vote!

  • I voted. Used the business account. Hope they win!

  • Can those of us without an Amex vote or contribute in some other way?

  • @Steven – if you use Second Life, you could always buy a tree and plant it.

  • It’s a cool idea. To bad I don’t have am ex v_v

  • I don’t have an AMEX either, but i did put the link in a corporate email.

  • jeff

    You should see if you can get Dr. Cook with Flipside media to help with this. From what I have been told he likes to spend money on cool worthwhile efforts like this one. Just a thought