Posted July 24, 2007 12:04 pm by with 1 comment

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We’ve not been having a great summer over here in the UK, but where-ever you are, the summer might be the ideal time to up the ante and make an extra push on your search marketing efforts.

Other SEOs are on Holiday – even the smallest niches, the chances are there are other websites competing for links and position in the rankings. If you can use the time, when they are off holidaying or enjoying longer lunch breaks to get extra links, you’ll gain a real competitive advantage. Similarly if you or your team are taking time off, don’t let your marketing efforts stop completely, delegate the work or find a friendly intern from your local college to help out.

Plenty of Seasonal content – linkbait comes in two distinct flavours topical and time-less, the summer provides you with lots of seasonal inspiration for content. Whether it’s a tied to a specific summer event, like the Tour de France, or more on more general summery topics, like the weather; the summer offers a great springboard for ideas.

More to Gain – in a lots of businesses sectors summer is a quiet time of the year, rather than saving your plans till a busier time of year, act now. When times are tight, a few extra sales are a lot more valuable. Plus if search marketing is only part of your remit, the quieter period might give you more time to dedicate to link building and other search marketing strategies.

People are in a better mood – I spend a lot of my time in my job approaching people for links and I’ve found usually the happier the person is, the easier there are to convince to link. A little bit of nicer weather and an impending holiday always makes people happier than the dark days of winter. So if you can time you link requests with the mood of your receipeint you’ll often find your success rate rocket.

  • I couldn’t agree more with this post. Many times you think that the competition will stop when you do, but thats not the case. It is a continuous battle to be #1.