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Who knew display ads might actually be useful? A new study from Yahoo and comScore finds that online display ads produced 11% lift in dollars spent in in-store conversions. Search ads yielded a 26% lift in dollars spent.

Most impressive, however, was the result from a combination of search and online display ads: a 83% lift in dollars spent in later in-store conversion. The combination also increased incremental in-store revenue 90% (as opposed to 43% with search-only ads and 15% with display-only).

Display ads were also found to increase page views 37%—comparable to search ads’ effect (46%). Together? 68%.

Finally, MediaPost reports:

The study also found that a joint display and search campaign was more effective at converting online researchers to in-store purchasers–as the combination pushed 43% more in-store purchases than search (26%), or display (6%) alone.

The study, “From Clicks to Bricks: The Impact of Online Pre-Shopping on Consumer Shopping Behavior,” was based upon eight months of data from 175,000 comScore participants, and five major retail stores including JC Penney and Office Max.

  • They usually count “View Conversions” in those studies. (A person viewed the banner and then made a purchase – Without clicking an ad.)

    They do A/B studies where one group of people sees banner ads everywhere and the other group never sees only see public service banner ads. Then they measure the difference between the two groups to help figure out what % of the “View Conversions” should be attributed to sales.

    You can do something like this on your own if you know what your average conversion rate per ad group. has a self serve program where people who visit your website will receive a cookie and start to see banner ads after they leave your website.

    You can apply the service to only one or two ad groups and landing pages.

    If your conversion rate goes up for those ad groups and the others stay about the same, you should have a good idea of how the banners influenced the purchase, even though it’s doubtful that very many people will have actually click on them.

  • I read somewhere that the same is also true for images in general.

  • Never underestimate the power of a good ad!

  • See display ads do help after all. For all those who disagree, look at the numbers. I’ve been a fan of them, but others tell me not to use them. Guess I’ll have to prove them wrong.

  • it’s a great help to online earning

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