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Here’s something a little different. We’ve done some interviews before, but this time my good friend Timothy Seward of Google Analytics training provider ROI Revolution and I sat down for a special sponsored edition of Marketing Pilgrim TV.

With Google Analytics switching to the new interface today, we thought we’d share some detailed information on what to expect and how to get the most out of the new Google Analytics.

The video is almost 30 minutes long and crammed with some great tips – including bonus tips from me at the end – and I promise you it’s not your normal infomercial.

That said, we are passing on a great discount for any readers/viewers that want to sign-up for ROI Revolutions Google Analytics training. Their Google Analytics training is all done via video conferencing, email and telephone and is some of the most comprehensive training you’ll find on Google Analytics. ROI Revolution is one of the few certified Google Analytics Training Partners and I have personally used their Google Analytics training for myself and employees.

When you’ve finished watching the video, head to this Marketing Pilgrim promotion page for an exclusive $103 discount per person.

[Disclosure: As mentioned, this is a sponsored video – but we only agreed because we would vouch for ROI Revolution anyway]

  • I like this video and for a sponsored video it still offers enough valuable information. Nothing really revolutionary, but nice.

    One thing you guys should really work on is the camera movements.
    Please, just leave the camera on both of you, do not try to zoom in on the speaker. It is just annoying and does no provide any additional value.

    Andy, in a few occasions your face said it all. 😉

  • @Holger – I hear ya. That and some grease for the tripod! 😉

  • @Holger: my school age son actually was the camera man, having completed several impressive videos for his school assignments, I felt he was ready for a *BIG* assignment.

    So armed with tripod, he proceeded to film Andy and I, but as you noticed, a little WD-40 could have gone a long way to making the pans and zooms much quieter. Live and learn.

  • Great Video. I like the scheduling items. Very useful.

  • Nice camera work.

  • @Timothy: I think your son did a great job. A few clicks aren’t a problem when you are talking about analytics 😉

    You mentioned a script for tracking exact search phrases people use to find your website through paid search. Can you drop a link to that?

    I think it’s a report that should be added into Google Analytics anyway (I wrote about this on our blog.

  • @Will; thanks for the comments about the camera work, I’ll pass them along to my son.

    The script is in the mail to you. It’s actually the one you pointed out in your blog, but we’re sending one with more pics and explanation to folks like you who watch the video.

    Yes, it’s something we’ve wanted for a while but since it’s not available we’re glad to have it available, even if it is a little work to get implemented.

  • @Timothy,

    How do we get the script and step by step guide on how to install it and find out the exact keywords that are briging sales?

    THanks Tim!

  • @Manny: the instructions are contained at the end of the video, it’s our ‘bribe’ to watch the show!!!