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Note to diary.

July 6 – Winksite introduce upgraded mobile publishing platform that promises to extend the reach of the Mobile Web.

July 7 – Launch my personalized, optimized, cross-browser compatible mobile portal.

Can it be that easy?

One of the biggest challenges for both experienced content publishers and web enthusiasts alike is the strict flavour (subset) of HTML that mobile browsers depend on – xHTML Mobile Profile (often dubbed WAP 2.0). So far, it’s been a vicious cirlce! Desktop browsers (mostly talking IE here) have been so forgiving in the past – rendering poorly coded websites in a presentable manner – that adoption of standards for mobile screens has been resisted, resulting in poor user experience and the dragging of progress heels.

However, in a few days time the tide could begin to turn. Mobile site creation and community tool, Winksite, will not only begin generating W3C Standards compliant mobile websites but will also bundle an array of features designed to make mobile publishing a cinch!

Firstly, providing broad support for every browser – even iPhone-optimized templates – is a huge step forward. And not at the expense of personalization. You’ll still be able to mix and match color schemes and apply your own sense of style. WiFi Gamers haven’t been forgotten either – Sony PSP and Nintendo DS Lite users will also enjoy fully-functioning sites on their integrated browsers.

Secondly, and equally as important IMO, is solving the lack of discoverability. In layman terms, mobile webmasters aren’t linking out – again, a relunctance based on incompatibility worries. The knock-on effect is that Mobile Search crawlers are having a hard time traversing the Mobile Web. To help combat this, Winksite will generate a Google Mobile Sitemap with every site. Plus with options to include meta data and the ability to optimize your page titles, header tags and anchor text – you could soon find your optimized mobile site not only found quickly, but topping the mobile search listings!

So, your mobile site is now found and easily browsed, but what next?

The third breakthrough, and what really stands Winksite apart, is in tackling these Mobile Web hurdles they can still deliver the real deal – the mobile one. Because the point of the mobile is to stay connected – not just to read stuff. Social networkers are looking to mobilize their connections and Winksite is ready for them. Whether you want to integrate a feed, start a chat room or hook up with friends on Twitter or Jaiku – they’ve got it covered.

David Harper, Winksite CEO, rounds off:

From it’s simple, channel-based structure, to it’s universal “Main Menu” link, Click-to-call dialing options, and easy to use community features – each mobile site you launch comes bundled with a pleasurable mobile experience

This exciting combination of usability-focused mobile publishing and community integration is a winner with me. Finally, and I forgot to mention, the Winksite service is a free and fully hosted solution, so there’s no excuse – go on – share some mobile love!

  • I am a little confused by their service. Can I create a site and then host it on my own domain?

  • @ Org Charts:

    Winksite is a hosted service. You can create a mobile site with us – we provide you a URL or you can point the mobile URL of your choice at this address. Example can resolve to your Winksite address.

    It works like this…

    Take a few minutes to register (it’s free), set up a profile, and create your site by entering content directly on our set-up screens or by connecting a RSS feed.

    You can then choose to activate mobile-tuned community features like chat, forums and surveys.

    We provide you with a URL for that mobile site (i.e. directory name].

    When visiting that URL from a PC you’re taken to your site’s “Mobile Site Profile” page at Winksite that includes basic information about your site, a simulated version of your mobile site where desktop users can engage the mobile users, and a toolbar that allows your audience to easily share, subscribe, send URL to phone, scan the QR code, and subscribe to your mobile site.

    From a mobile phone the URL takes you directly to your mobile site where Winksite delivers a consistent, anticipatable experience with all the navigation/menus, pagination, and actionable items built in for you.

    No downloading or installing an app. All the action takes place on the browser that ships standard on your phone.

    Winksites work on the best and worst phones of carriers.

    Winksite currently serves:

    25K publishers
    We traverse 170+ countries with no carrier deals.

    Bloggers like BoingBoing, blog networks like Metroblogging, and entertainment companies like Warner Bros. Records use us to build mobile sites, syndicate content & events, and recruit communities.

    Individuals from Mumbai and Manilla, London, Toronto, and San Francisco use us to connect with friends, make new ones, or simply organize their feeds and favorites for easy access on their mobile phones. For others, it’s all about claiming their own piece of the mobile Internet.

    If you have any questions or need help do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you.

    David Harper
    Founder, Winksite
    Love the Mobile Web

  • Wow – thanks for the response David. I am going to give it a shot and see how it works!

  • Hey folks, that’s what you call Reputation Monitoring! Nice one David.

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