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Yahoo reported their Q2 results today. paidContent writes that Yahoo’s Q2 2007 revenues of $1.698 billion are up 8% (or $122 million) over last year’s Q2 earnings ($1.576 billion). Their earnings actually fell slightly from $164 million last year to $161 million this year, but earnings per share were $0.11 both this year and last year.

As the first report since Terry Semel was replaced by Jerry Yang as CEO. paidContent also had some sound bites from a phone interview with Yang and Susan Decker. Among other things, Yang stated:

I am very well aware of the challenges we face. There’s a significant gap between where Yahoo is and where it needs to be. … The good news is we’re starting with some awesome assets.

In their Earnings Report, Yahoo President Susan Decker also acknowledges the challenges and stagnant stock status that Yahoo faces, and says there’s a plan to fix this:

“Over the last several months, we have made considerable progress driving much tighter focus within our core operations to drive growth. This will take time and continued investment, but we are operating with a great sense of urgency,” said Susan Decker, president, Yahoo! Inc. “In order to create meaningful value for shareholders and to drive growth in the future, we will aggressively look at all opportunities to allocate our capital and talent in the most effective ways.”

They also expect the further roll out of Panama and the premiere of SmartAds to improve their future fortunes. Will it be enough?

  • Remember the days when Yahoo ruled the waves. I think they are having a bit of a comeback, people want to use them for search but can’t somehow pull themselves away from G.

  • I think Yahoo still has some customer service issues. On the PPC side, only a few weeks ago I called Yahoo because their intergrated marketing console started to have issues reporting Google ROAS. I called Yahoo support and ended up in an arguement with the rep. She kept telling me Yahoo can not report Google ROAS. I stated I have been doing it for years. After a few minutes she talked to a supervisor and found out I was correct.
    I continually hear about issues with Yahoo customer service on the PPC and natural side.
    It is going to be a while for them to get rid of their bad reputation.

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