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Search Engine Land takes a close look at Yahoo’s new Yahoo Search Assist tool. Unlike normal search suggestion tools, Search Assist predicts when you might need a little help with your search and then shows up.

As Danny Sullivan explains…

Ever had one of those moments when you start to type in a query, enter a word and then pause because you’re not quite sure what other words to add to it? Search Assist senses this. It notes that you’ve paused, takes that as a sign you need help and magically makes suggestions appear below the search box. Cool!

In addition, you don’t just get suggestions that contain some of the letters you initially type. Search Assist goes beyond the original word to suggest related topics.

Yahoo Search Assist will be deployed gradually – so don’t expect to see it right away. For those of you interested in how it will look, here’s a screenshot:

  • Google has a very similar tool called Google Suggest. I think it’s still in their “lab”. Although, Yahoo’s does look a little more fancy than Google Suggest. I wonder if it slows down the browser. It’s a great tool though. I’m surprised they haven’t released it years ago.

  • You’re absolutely right and Yahoo has a suggest tool too. This is the evolution of that.

  • This type of “suggest tool” is great for users. The amazing quality about it is the fact that the suggestions are normally on target. You would think it would come up with a list of limited possible queries that are not helpful for what you are looking for. However, I have tested it out several times knowing ahead of time what I am searching for (which has been fairly specific) and, like magic, it appears as one of the suggestions in the search box. This appears to be another advancement in the continually evolving area of online search engines.

  • This is a great new tool from a user experience! Too bad Yahoo! is trying inroduce something that seems like it may have been done before? Something like Google suggest and even…

  • I really dont like these tools finishing what I am typing . Distracting at best.

  • the tool is not so good

  • Garrett

    I find the “help” a waste of space, time and more than irritating. it had never “suggested” the proper term or terms the entire time I was forced to endure it..

    You can’t turn it off permanently as they claim. It is like someone constantly jumping in your face while yapping nonsense.

    When they (Yahoo) took suggestions regarding this “new” idea, the majority of the replies were negative and some quite obscene. Yahoo of course removed most of them and also ignored every one.

    I now use Google for search or anyone else except Yahoo.

    Yahoo search assist = Ya suck, as in bad, terrible, no good, etc.