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And 39 percent of offline-influenced searchers will go on to make a purchase.

Both of these fascinating figures have been uncovered by an Online Search Behaviour Study commissioned and released by Search Marketing firm, iProspect.

Conducted by JupiterResearch in June 2007, an online consumer panel of 2,322 randomly selected individuals were quized over 25 questions about their behaviours, attitudes and preferences as they relate to games, digital imaging, portable devices, and service bundles.

iProspect President, Robert Murray, was amongst the first to express surprise over the results:

We figured we’d see an even split between those influenced to search by offline and those not

In the firm’s press release, Murray goes on to discuss the implications of the findings and elaborates on the current incoherence of online / offline messaging, saying:

Imagine what that number [of targeted searchers] would be if marketers actually made it easy for them [to find their website]

The impressive conversion rate of offline-influenced searchers also fills a gap – where marketers have to-date been unsure over the relationship between search and offline channels. The findings not only confirms that there is a true synergy but that a co-ordinated approach could return significantly on any investment.

Murray concludes for us:

… offline messaging needs to be memorable and facilitate search, and search efforts need to echo that messaging and integrate those keywords. The bottom line is that integration is no longer optional

  • Paul,

    Great points! So often, companies forget that increasing conversion is about increasing your OVERALL conversion rate. Customers don’t care if they bought from you online or at the store; their experience with your brand should be continuous.

  • Excellet study,

    I have been explaining that offline and online success is closely related to offline efforts. It is now known that online is the future of actual commerce but no one remembers a site url and especially when the desire to purchase is present. The search traffic is also a derivitive of easily available information that drives interest in other areas for people.
    For instance the baby boomers spend more then 1.5 trillion dollars per year and offline marketing will spur online consumer purchase. For savvy marketers this article shows what many belived to exist but many things to balance for effective results.

    This is more of a balancing between two seperated industries, Search and Traditional Marketing.

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