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Was someone listening? has premiered a new commercial that doesn’t involve scantily-clad women or G-list celebrities. Someone somewhere had the novel idea to—get this—show Ask 3D’s features.

I’m not sure if we’ve ever mentioned how bad Ask’s ads are, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. They’re highlighting their strengths and showing off their features (rather than their *ahem* assets).

But, I have to admit, it’s not very entertaining. Something to work on, okay, Ask?

via Gary Price and Search Engine Land.

  • Aw, G-list? Really, Jordan? You don’t think you’re being a little harsh on poor Kato? He has to be at least E-list. I mean, have you seen that silky smooth hair? That’s a hair care commercial waiting to happen! 🙂

  • Jordan McCollum

    I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve seen a lot of Kato recently. From time to time, I do watch Eye for an Eye (who can fight the Bat of Justice?) and he actually made an appearance on some random reality show that I was watching.

    But I wonder if those TV appearances just confirm his status……

    I knew I should’ve let you be the funny one 😉

  • If I could break-up the Kato fun club meeting 😉

    I wonder if Ask is looking for more riveting ads like this one – I could probably hack something together along the same lines.

    Poor Ask, they go from one extreme – wild – to the other – boring.

  • Andy – Would you have enjoyed the ad better if Kato was narrating it? Oh wait, we were ending that conversation, my bad.

    Personally, I’m not too bored by this commercial. I like when companies opt to go the silent picture route — it ensures I’ll look up from my laptop to make sure my TV is still working. And in the process I catch the ad! 🙂

  • Great article 🙂 Thanks for the read.

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  • Yes it looks very nice. But I think they are more targeted to US market so in EU there wouldnt be so much info. They shoud spread more.

  • Nice article. Actually – the ad itself was little unfinished. But it was unique – I agree.

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  • Andy I thought this was a pretty good commercial. I agree it’s not the most exciting, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

    In 30 seconds we got to see the basic idea behind the 3D interface and I thought the comparison to the plain list of results at the end was clever.

    Let’s give Ask a break for the first commercial that’s not insulting or offending someone.

  • Does this commercial really work anymore since Universal Search is now live?

  • look like very nice
    but i thing no ungiu visitor will be found as another

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  • Of course needs to advertise. It is going downhill because it does not even keep up to date, let alone have marketing inovation of it’s own.
    For instance it has no entry for which alone, would give a high status.
    It sits on the back of Google who any day now will shake it off.
    Only win3million could save them!
    They could be as blatent as me if they tried.