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There’s another benefit to being in the Technorati Top 100. In addition to being the most linked-to blogs as tracked by Technorati, the Top 100 blogs have made the Digg homepage 8000 times. looked at Digg’s history to examine whether Technorati’s most popular tracked blogs were popular there, too. And were they ever.

  • 79% of the Top 100 blogs have made the Digg homepage
  • Those blogs made the homepage 7965 times
  • That’s an average of almost 101 stories making the homepage per blog
  • However, the top 5 most Dugg blogs (Ars Technica, Engadget, TechCrunch, Think Progress and Huffington Post) made up 46% of those Diggs, leaving the other 74 blogs with an average of “only” 58 stories making the homepage per blog. Sucks to be them.

Of course, this correlation doesn’t prove causation—making the Digg homepage involves getting your post in front of a lot of people, which the Top 100 do pretty easily when they simply push the publish button. These blogs are already receiving links, readers and attention from all over the Internet. They have so much momentum that making the Digg homepage—or the Technorati Top 100—is almost easy. It’s not that they’re Digg baiting so much as they’re so popular that they just can’t help it. Don’t you almost pity them?

No? Me neither.


  • Glen Allsopp

    Thanks for the link, I hope people find the results as Interesting as I do.

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    Once you have this kind of traffic than you have to be stupid not to keep going.

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  • TextAdSearch

    At least you can almost guarantee those sites will also be quality sites.

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  • Justin

    Thats crazy…I really need to start thinking about long term myself and start writing some high quality posts.

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  • William

    Being in every top is really good. Nevermind it has connectivity with other services or not.