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Last week I traveled ‘south of the border’ to Melbourne for Barry Smyth’s latest Search Engine Bootcamp conference. Another great show was put on by Barry, with all speakers giving good information. Even Search (guru??) Bruce Clay turned up for the keynote speech.

Bruce gave a very nice presentation on SEO but I think everyone got a little more from his ‘off the cuff’ comments on Google Universal. Nothing too provocative was said, but I think the concept of multiple sources hitting the Google SERPS has not really been fully understood here..

It was really great to also see some large companies stand up and openly allow their websites to be critiqued by the local SEO panel. I am always amazed at how willing some of these larger companies are now to receiving open critism about their high six figure websites. (However, I am even more amazed at how badly built some of these monster e-commerce sites still are!) E-commerce definitely has a long way to come, Downunder.

The day finished in the traditional way… with one too beers. Barry is setting a high benchmark in this field for SES San Jose next week -one that I’m looking forward to comparing.

See you in San Jose..

  • So don’t leave us hanging, what did Bruce have to share? I want details!!! 😉

  • I would love to attend one of these SEO Seminars and Conferences. Do you know if they ever hold them in the UK? Preferably around the London area?

  • Yeah… let us know what Bruce had to share! I would LOVE to hear that :o)

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