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eBay eBay is launching its own mobile re-bidding service in the UK, France and Belgium, following a successful test period in Spain – rolled out last September. The service, being delivered by mBlox and Dynetic, will allow users to monitor auctions while on the move and has been designed to scale across all European markets.

Although there are similar, partner services, this official solution will be integrated and will be offered to users as an option during the online bidding process. The service will help users to track higher bids through SMS alerts, so they can react from their handset if they need to increase a bid.

Described as a “fundemental evolution” in Internet auctioning, Ian Jordan, Head of UK Innovation, explains the problem with traditional web-based auctions;

…many auction biddings end prematurely because people leave their PCs. The possibility to participate beyond the PC from a mobile phone will have massive implications for the dynamics and value of the auction process. It will mean more potential buyers will participate for longer producing better deals for everyone.

eBay says the non-browsing service will not require downloads or up-front payments, and will be available on any mobile phone.


  • Well this is realy good since emails are sometimes are slower. I have setup anyway email forwarding to my Mobile so it is similar but not as good as it could be.

  • Is this free of charge and also for non-usa users?

  • Really Good idea, but i don’t believe that sms will be free..

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