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Yesterday Frostfire announced the launch of, a personal homepage application that’s initially designed to target Internet and technology users. Much like the way you can customize your Google homepage, allows users to create personalized start pages. But, it also takes things a few steps further, making it easy to organize your news, websites, videos, games, photos, search engines, email and much more.

“We will see a move away from generic start pages as niches need guidance with their content. Single page aggregators are too rigid and generic customizable pages offer little help to users. The default start page consists of basic instructions that can be removed once a user is familiar with the site,” said Chris Frost,’s chief executive. can be accessed from anywhere and is designed to provide users with a quick look of everything happening on the web. The default (27) feeds are targeted more towards technology and Internet buffs but can easily be customized to allow users to add any personality they want into their own homepage. You can edit the options of your feeds to include number of headlines and frequency of content refresh, and you even have your choice of many widgets.

“We will shortly be encouraging users to share their creations and attract third party developers to increase our depth of widgets. Offering social interaction is crucial to the future of as this will provide users with guidance for their personal pages from people they can trust. This social networking will benefit the users and the community,” said Frost.

  • What are the main differences b/t this and something like netvibes? Looks very similar to me.

  • It’s virtually identical, just the content is more focused on tech.

  • Maria P.

    Hi Andy, the idea of this is cool but I’m on a business connection it froze up while it was loading the five million default settings.

    Bummer. I am looking for something with more personalization like a desktop. Set themes are nice but personlizing it your own photos or whatever would be nice. I look at my iGoogle hundreds of times a day so looking at something I’d rather see would be ideal. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this though!