Posted August 15, 2007 11:41 am by with 4 comments

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If you’re an owner of Apple’s new iPhone, you might be interested to learn that you can now take your social networking with you.

TechCrunch scores the scoop on new services from Facebook and Netvibes, and it’s enough to make me want to buy an iPhone myself.

First up, Facebook for the iPhone. Here’s what Arrington has to say

“The site uses javascript to avoid page refreshes, although there is still some lag in moving around the site (this is an iPhone issue). The main navigation tabs – Home, Profile, Friends and Inbox – are at the top of the site. Click on any person and see their profile, wall or photos via a horizontally scrolling interface.”

Next, we have Netvibes for the iPhone. Arrington believes it can make a handy RSS reader.

image “The already minimalized Netvibes is pared down even further for the iPhone to a single column of widgets. There are few graphics to speed load time.

I use Netvibes as a quick hit RSS reader for my most important feeds. It does an even better job on the iPhone and I plan to bookmark a special Netvibes page with the 15 feeds I read multiple times per day.”


Image courtesy TechCrunch.

  • Hi, I love the new Iphone, I own one myself. However, cell phones are just accessories, regular people, regular Joe can NEVER afford something like this. They need to make it more affordable and will be a lot more of them on the market.
    I know I would buy an extra one for my wife , for sure.

  • iPhone users can get all Facebook apps and plugin but this is what worth to use facebook service.

  • Facebook service is just too plain, I hate it. Will see if they come out with anything better.

  • I’m a iPhone user and this is great news for me. I tried facebook mobile but I think its very simple.Lets see if it gets any better!