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While other networks are busy figuring out how to sue Google for video copyright infringement, or set up a competitor, Media Rights Capital is embracing Google’s syndication potential.

AP is reporting a new deal that will see new shows from the creator of the animated TV show “Family Guy” and Raven-Symone from Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven” syndicated across Google’s AdSense publisher network.

The programs will appear in a video box that a user would click on to start. The box will be packaged with banner advertising and video ads that will appear either before or after the programming.

Seth MacFarlane, creator of “Family Guy,” will produce short videos featuring new characters, while Raven-Symone will be in a “how-to” show, the company said.

So why didn’t Media Rights Capital simply strike a deal with YouTube or one of the other video hosting sites?

“We feel this partnership answers the question of how best to reach viewers online, because the Web is fragmented into millions and millions of viewing destinations,” said Asif Satchu, co-chief executive of Media Rights Capital.

It will be an interesting to see how AdSense is able to handle the placement of these videos. They recently struggled with text ads, so I’m betting there will be a few hiccups with correctly targeting the videos.

  • I’d correct that. All news reports, including the quotes in your post, indicate that these are not Family Guy videos, but new videos made by the creator of Family Guy. I’m not even sure if Seth MacFarlane’s videos will be cartoons.

  • Well spotted, thanks!

  • No prob, man.

  • very useful article for me.

  • Jesus, another way to milk the cow *US*
    anybody still isn’t ad-blind already ?