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When Mashable reported that the blog Freakonomics— which shares the same name and authors of the popular book–had been acquired by the NYT, I thought “yipee, pay dirt is coming!”

Sadly, after taking a look at the various sources, I can’t find any mention that the NYT has indeed acquired Freakonomics. It simply appears to be some long-term partnership and hosting deal.

Vivian Schiller, the senior vice president and general manager of, said the ?symbiotic relationship? was part of an ongoing strategy. ?We?ve opened our site up considerably over the last year,? she said. ?We have more and more voices and people who are not New York Times reporters or columnists on the site. This is the first established blog that we?ve picked up. But it won?t be the last.?

According to Mr. Dubner, several months ago, he and Mr. Levitt began shopping around for a larger media outlet to host their blog. Along the way, the authors met with several suitors. He would not describe the financial terms of the partnership with The Times.

So, no chance that they’ll come knocking on my door–not that I’m looking to sell anyway–but it would have been a nice boost for anyone hoping to one day get an earn-out from their hard work. At least we get validation that the NYT considers blogging to be a medium worthy of attaching the NYT brand to.

  • I am a big fan of the book and didn’t even realize that they maintained a blog as well. The NYT made a great decision attaching their name to this one.

  • Robert

    But they went from a full-text RSS feed to a summary feed, so I dropped them.

  • I am a fan of it too , but I dont think so its a great decision…