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One of my clients GSINC has put together a fun Flash SEO game where you get to help Matt Cutts fight spam – literally!

Jump into the boxing ring and take on Hidden Text Kid, Keyword Stuffer, Cloaking Monster and more.


That should keep you busy until Monday! 😉

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  • Webmaster Money

    Mr Redirect got me… Will try again and beet them all bastards.

  • Steven Bradley

    Why couldn’t I have found this on Friday instead of Sunday night. Might have to be a slow work week for me.

  • Drew Stauffer

    Pretty fun game.

    I keep hitting some random key that takes me back to their site and I have to start over. But I keep kicking butt.

  • Justin

    I got to the link farmer and cant get past him…nice game though!

  • Mark Barrera

    I come back from a long vacation with lots of work to do, but this one put a kink in that plan 😉

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  • Domain

    pretty fun game :) lol

  • Erotik


    The SEO Administrator Software is good for Checking Serps Positions. Its an Offline Tool.

    Friendly Greetings

  • Webhosting

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  • M. Gaubitz

    Really funny.. thanks a lot! Free the world of SEO spammers..

  • Suchmaschinenoptimierung

    and everyone tries to make it here 😉

  • Suchmaschinenoptimierung

    Very good informations at your webiste!