Posted August 1, 2007 10:21 am by with 7 comments

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No Google didn’t just make up a new language for Google Apps – although Klingon is seriously being considered – but they did just expand its features to support languages other than English.

Several features and components previously available only to English users and administrators of Google Apps are now available in other languages, too

In addition to Google Apps features being made available in other languages, Google has also added six more languages. Among the languages supported, UK English – seriously, is it that difficult to translate US English to UK English? 😉

  • , is it that difficult to translate US English to UK English?

    hehe,it’s a big…

  • It’s an interesting way to penetrate new markets. Most English-speakers will tend to assume that most people speak English, but there are parts of the world that prefer to transact in their own langauge.

  • Well, if your sitting in your flat playing draughts and you need to check on your websites’ sellotape sales, you’d probaly sweat your vest a bugger of a colour if google was not available in the Queens English!

  • LOL @ Fitness guy

  • I just hope they don’t mess up the localization like they have with Blogger and Youtube.

    With Blogger I get a Polish interface even though I have all my language preferences set to English.

    In YouTube, despite having defined that I want English content, they highlight lots of Polish videos, and there seems to be no way to force it to only show me the content my primary audience might see, unless I use a proxy.

  • “is it that difficult to translate US English to UK English?”

    Not at all, just add a “u” on words like honor, color, etc.

  • I saw it there and for me non English native speaker it is the same, because in schools we had sometimes US English and sometimes UK English so I know some diferencies but having translation between looks funny.