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By Ryan Douglas

Recently I ran across a new feature called “Questions” within Google Base. It appears that Google Base is trying to actively learn about the products being submitted to Base with the help of its users. Our submitted data feed directed Google to ask me 30 questions about our products. The question displays a portion of highlighted text from a text string within the data feed and asks the merchant a question to help identify possible matches for filters like brand, color and material. Google notes that “a record of your answers will be retained by Google and used to improve the quality for your feed as well as our own products and services.”


One thing that was unclear was whether or not these questions were for the specific products themselves or more of a general sense for Google Base in its entirety. I would suggest merchants check their feeds for questions, I assume that it would be beneficial to clear up any misunderstandings Google Base may have regarding your listings.

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  • Matt McGee

    This has actually been going on for a few months now. Brian Smith wrote about it on Comparison Engines here:

    I do think it’s a great idea, and agree that everyone using Base should take advantage of it. I also think Google should use a similar system for their Local Business Center, asking biz owners to further classify who they are and what they do:

  • Bushido

    I can’t find the question page. Could you please send a URL?

    Many thanks!

  • Ryan


    There is no specific url page to get to the questiosn. Your specific feed(s) may or may not be requiring questions. You would see the link “Answer Questions” next to the name of the data feed you have submitted under bulk uploads.

  • William

    This feature was in many other search engines. Google trying to start it on its own site like answers feature.

  • Perde

    I’ve seen something like this on Yahoo!

  • eCopt

    I asked Google about the Base Question feature including …

    What is the new Google Base Question feature used for?
    What are your goals for this new feature?
    Do the search results show all items or just products?

    See Google’s answers at the bottom of this article …

  • asso

    If it is a good idea or not it is woth testing to see the results.

  • stor perde

    google is very very best searh engine