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No, Google Earth isn’t planning on providing maps to movie stars’ homes, or tours of Hollywood. They’re looking to index the final frontier, as Reuters reports today. The new feature, “Sky,” will be a virtual telescope, similar to Google Earth only with the satellite view pointing the other way.

Here’s the video demo:

Google also has an official user guide to Sky.

Google Earth Sky screencapTheir hi-res images of stars can be overlaid with images provided by the Hubble Telescope, labels, constellations and more. “Like Google Earth,” says Reuters, “Sky will enable users to float and zoom in on over 100 million individual stars and 200 million galaxies. Users will view the sky as seen from earth.” Sky is fully integrated into the latest version of Google Earth, rather than composing its own standalone program.

The Sky service is slated to be available today in all countries and languages that Google Earth is available in.

There’s no mention in the Reuters article if this is a byproduct of the deal between Google and the 19 universities, labs and other foundations of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) project announced in January (not slated for full fruition until 2013).

  • I wonder if Martians will get their hi-tech Martian panties in a bundle about privacy rights? Hopefully they’ll have a street level view…

  • Now this is a cool offering. Hopefully they will give me some hi-res pics of the moon and I can find the US flag and convince the naysayers that we DID land on the moon…

  • But Mark, how would you know that Google isn’t in on the conspiracy as well and Photoshopping that flag in.

    Conspiracy theorists tend to only see the facts that help prove their belief and ignore those that don’t.

    This is pretty cool offering from maps.

  • Good point Steven. I guess they will never believe..

  • This is just great news, but I’m rather disapointed with the software. Well, at least for now. I’m pretty sure they’re going to make it much better. I know it’s intended to be used by beginners, but it should do more than just showing Hubble pictures.

  • @steven your are very orjinal thinker i think.

  • Interesting… I just can not imagine that I will be able to see sky like form other site of earth. Now I see Sky from Europe but it is different to Sky from Austrlia. How is this going to be implemented?

  • This sounds like a cool idea. It would be great to see all the other planets zoomed in. I’m gonna go try it right away.

  • woowww beautiful..