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The Wall Street Journal may have moved on, but Google is just getting to the Facebook party. Mashable covers yesterday’s launch of the Google Facebook application. Because, of course, it’s far more convenient to use an application within Facebook than the search box or toolbars in our browsers.

Google Facebook application screenshot from
Google Facebook application screenshot, courtesy of Google Operating System.

Mashable also points out that the timing of the application couldn’t be better. Just days after Robert Scoble raved that Facebook’s social aspect (along with Mahalo and Techmeme) will supplant Google in four years, Google’s new application takes on social search.

Currently, you can perform searches from within Facebook and share your favorite results in your Mini-Feed (on users’ profiles). According to Google Operating System, the application also highlights the most popular shared items.

Built on Google’s AJAX API, the search function may integrate Google Bookmarks and (of course) Facebook’s networking capability in the future. I’d give you more feedback on how well it functions, but . . . it doesn’t. Even as Mashable’s article published, the Google app went down and hasn’t yet recovered.

Before we get all excited that Google’s doing social, so it must be social’s day to shine, I do have to rain on the social search parade. My Facebook friends—everyone from Marketing Pilgrim readers to college roommates to elementary school friends—probably aren’t interested in my results for [stress timed language] or [abyssinians] or [Paducah, KY]. I imagine my friends’ web histories to be littered with trivia and information that I’m not particularly interested in, either.

Finally, while I’m sure some people keep Facebook open all the time, I just don’t see this as being more convenient than using the search boxes in your browser or (gasp) having to type in all six letters of “Google.” Unless, of course, you’re searching to show off all the cool stuff you’ve found.

  • My Facebook friends are interested more in video conversation and video chat in Facebook.

  • Hmm .. might give it a whirl. But as you say, not much point in searching through FaceBook instead of using Firefox’s Google Search …

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