Posted August 19, 2007 8:24 pm by with 5 comments

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It’s been four months since Google acquired web video conferencing technology Marratech.

Since then, we’ve waited for news of what Google has planned next for Marratech. Well, thanks to a tip from a Wayne, we learn that Google has no plans to continue with “old Marratech” as a platform. According to the Marratech blog…

What has happened is that Google has bought the product (the Marratech client and server software) and the rights to that plus has taken over the core team of old Marratech. So there will be no further development of the “old Marratech” products and the 6.1 / 3.5 release will be the last.

What will happen with the products under Google wings then? Well, time will tell – there are no further information available at this point.

/Rikard Stenberg, ex. Marratech, now @ Google…

So no official word–still–on when we might see Google Web Conferencing, but at least we can assume that any video conferencing technology will be launched using the Google brand.