Posted August 8, 2007 10:36 pm by

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Hitwise announced yesterday their new Election 2008 Data Center. With only fourteen months to the next election, it’s a darn good thing they started now.

Okay, joking aside, it is a good thing they’ve started now: everyone else seems to have started.

To be updated weekly, the data is based on Hitwise’s 10 million Internet users’ search and Internet behavior. Tessa Court, Hitwise’s CMO, stated:

As the Internet continues to evolve as a major communications channel for candidates and a platform for the public to research issues, we are delighted to share insights on how American Internet users react to political campaigns and policies online as the election unfolds.

Hitwise’s Data Center already features some good information, including the:

  • Top Presidential Candidate 2008 Websites
  • Top 10 Presidential Candidate 2008 Search Terms
  • Top 10 Political Websites
  • Top 10 Political Search Terms
  • Fast Moving National Political Websites

If you’re keeping your finger on the pulse of next year’s campaign, keep an eye on Hitwise.