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If you’re a search marketer you’ll understand that one of the first things you do with any new client is check their site’s “search engine friendliness”. If the site’s blocking spiders or using funky re-directs, it doesn’t matter if you have targeted the best keywords or found quality links. Likewise, if you’re an in-house SEO, you should check to make sure the development team used a search friendly design.

SEMCheck is a great new SEO audit tool for the search marketing space and I’ve had the chance to test it out. The work of BNR Search’s Daniel Boyd and Frank Reed – who worked with me at a previous company – SEMCheck is a great way to check all of the SEO basics. The site is still in beta and they’re adding new features each week.

I asked Reed and Boyd to answer some questions about SEMCheck.

Andy Beal – Tell me about SEMCheck?

Daniel Boyd – SEMCheck examines over 20 different areas of importance when looking at the architecture of a website as well offering suggestions that move beyond just site structure (i.e. available misspellings of a domain, etc). SEMCheck is designed to give a strong foundational audit that should be followed up with search marketing expertise to expand on areas of concern and further bolster already strong site attributes. Some of the areas that are examined are sitemaps, typo domain availability, HTML issues, server status, custom 404 error pages, redirects, title tag usage and more.

Andy Beal – Why did you develop SEMCheck?

Daniel Boyd – Because audits are somewhat tedious and incredibly time consuming it made sense to automate a piece of the process. This is not a tool that will solve all of your SEO problems but it makes SEO providers / practitioners more effective.

Andy Beal – Who will benefit from this tool and how?

Frank Reed – We see SEMCheck as something that will benefit all levels of search marketers. Agencies will receive productivity benefits and the ability to brand the online reports through a Word doc download feature. In house SEO practitioners are always on the look out for productivity and reporting tools that can help them make decisions. Reports like these are great for upline reporting and are even better when they can be done while they are doing the real search marketing work. Lastly, anyone who has a website that is looking to do SEO will have significant data to understand where the ?gotchas? lie. Oh, and if they have an SEO provider already it?s not a bad way to check up whether they are getting real value for their marketing dollar.

Andy Beal – Thanks guys!

Even though I don’t have any business connection with SEMCheck, the guys were still happy to pass on a FREE SEO audit to Marketing Pilgrim readers. Simply head to this page to get yours.

Reed and Boyd will monitor this post for comments and feedback, so let them know what you think.

  • This seems like a really useful tool. Just this morning I was looking for something that did just about the same thing for one of my clients sites.

    I can’t wait to get my audit report back.

    Thanks for the tip on these guys Andy.

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  • Waiting on my report to see what I think of this. It looks pretty cool from what the site shows though.

  • Thanks for the pointer. I’ve signed up for a report and am curious to see what they’ll come back with …

  • Thanks Andy. SEMCheck looks interesting. My first instinct was to think I wouldn’t need the tool, but then I reminded myself of how many times you think you’ve done something right only to find later you missed a few details here or there.

    I haven’t run a report yet, but the sample of what the report will show looks like it will provide useful information.

  • The great thing is you can download the report and then add your logo – a great way to impress clients.

  • This is something I definitely have to try out. Im heading over there right now to start. Thanks for the tip.

  • Marketing Pilgrim Readers,

    Thanks so much for your comments. We are looking forward to your feedback on the reports. Please feel free to make suggestions through comments here at Marketing Pilgrim or through e-mail to We are looking forward to hearing from the search community about SEMCheck and we hope to make it something that will help everyone do their work more efficiently. Thanks again to Andy for talking about us and let us know what you think!

  • This is actually a really interesting example of how a blog can be used to facilitate communication between different parties. In this case Andy helped facilitate the discussion, but it’s also great the Frank is monitoring comments and keeping the thread alive.

    Just an observation.

  • @Owen – good observation, I have no doubt that Frand and Daniel will take good care of their clients.

  • I too am awaiting my report with bated breath.

    I have a question though on the pricing, it says $50. Is that per report? Or is there a subscription?

  • Hi Kimber, You should have your report waiting for you in your index. We’ve had a tremendous response so far and needless to say our servers have been working double time to keep up! If anyone hasn’t gotten their report or has any feedback (Good or Bad.) feel free to contact me directly at

    Thanks everyone!