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A few more end-of-the-month links to round out your August!

  • Thanks for the links Jordan!

  • “Lots of people use Google: but lots use more than one search engine”

    “lots” is a bit vague. I suspect it’s a very small percentage compared to those that use just one (and just Google, at that!)

  • Jordan McCollum

    Well, if you’d bother to click through on the links, you’d see that:

    “Google Search led with a retention rate of 79 percent, followed by Yahoo! Search at 69 percent and MSN/Windows Live Search with 65 percent. . .

    “Notably though, a substantial portion of visitors went to more than one of these three search sites in July. MSN/Windows Live Search had the highest audience overlap, with 84 percent of its unique visitors also going to Google Search, Yahoo! Search, or both. Yahoo! Search had a 78 percent audience overlap with Google and/or MSN, while Google Search had a 63 percent audience overlap with one or both of its two primary competitors.”

  • Well, I stick to Yahoo for my actually searching, but check Google for my rankings of sites – go figure, huh?

    Oh, and watch for the Pope announcing that Google is officially evil in the eyes of the Church.

  • The Economist article was interesting, especially the mention of a possible strategy for Google to become more transparent. I know a lot of us would like to see more transparency where Google is concerned.