Posted August 7, 2007 5:22 pm by with 1 comment

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Okay, okay, I acquiesce: “LINK-Y GOOD-NESS, LINK-Y GOOD-NESS!”

  • raises $10M in their third round of funding, bringing them to $43M total.
  • Russ Jones proposes a new robots.txt command—exclude by keyword. I like the idea (a lot), but I just don’t think that search engines will go along with it. Maybe, though.
  • If Google doesn’t care about behavioral targeting, the government does. The FTC will hold a “town meeting” to discuss behavioral targeting in November. Get your tickets now; they’re selling like hot cakes.
  • If you thought the YouTube debate was radical, hang on to your hats: Yahoo will host the first ever web-only presidential debate for the Democrat candidates this September. It’s scheduled for September 12—five days before the Republicans’ YouTube debate. Draw your own conclusions.

Hot cakes, linky goodness—I think I need some Krispy Kremes to go with that kind of sweet, rich goodness!

  • Good luck to Yahoo with this one. I think it may draw in viewers, but doubt it will increase their search share at all. I will tune in to see though.