Posted August 28, 2007 9:44 am by with 1 comment

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It was just my luck that Marketing Pilgrim made the home page of Digg, just as the site went offline in preparation of its new look home page. I could curse my luck or instead get excited that Digg is listening to its users and making video content more prominent.


…we’ve gone live with improvements to our home page that allow you to see both news and videos on a single page. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback that the videos are entertaining but people miss them because they’re isolated. Bringing them back into the stream on the homepage will hopefully bring more life to videos on the site. If you prefer just news or only videos, you can easily customize your view by setting either as your default home page (login and choose “Customize”).

The new home page also features a cleaner look,with new functionality, streamlined navigation and “bury” options for the story pages.

…a new one-click bury, you no longer are required to choose a reason when you bury a story – this aims to help us get more feedback from people about what they don’t like (by making it easier to bury) so we can make more accurate determinations about unpopular content.

There’s still no dedicated section for images, but Digg’s Danial Burka says the new layout will accommodate their future plans for images.

  • This service speeding up its development.