Posted August 24, 2007 2:54 am by with 5 comments

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Like many PayPal merchants, I noticed an email landing in my Inbox titled “PayPal is getting a new look” – expressing some haste in familiarising users with the forthcoming changes.

By updating your images soon after the day of launch, you will let your customers know you are a current PayPal merchant and it will help them feel safer making online purchases.

On preview of a mirrored beta version of the site (link at the top of current hompepage) I couldn’t see what the fuss was about – yes it’s a little fresher, but overall it’s still the same old branding.

PayPal Beta

The intial splash screen (before the beta version) carries the statement “Now it’s easier to find what you want”, including:

  • Improved tabbed navigation
  • New site search
  • Top questions

I must admit that I wasn’t particularly wowed by these features. Once you decide to finish browsing the beta site, PayPal [rightly] ask for your feedback.

PayPal Comment Card

My penny’s worth: Not a bad effort – but would love to see them push the boundaries on the “new look” a lot, lot further!

  • I think people should be more worried about whether or not this change will lose users custom. I’m not talking about Paypals customers as such but customers that use paypal as a payment processor, how will there customers take this change. I’m hoping it won’t scare them off.

  • I am using paypal regulary and I noticed this change more than 1 moth ago and I got familiar very quickly. Since navigation links and features remained same I wouldnt be scare that someone will leave Paypal.

  • Yea I noticed this a while back and I must say it was a half hearted attempt of a redesign if I have ever seen one.

  • I will give them sometime to come up with a better solution. Anyway, Paypal is a nice solution to home biz people.

  • It’s better they weakened their participation policy.