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The quality of your ad campaign is becoming a bigger factor in your paid search listing, more so than just paying for results. David Pann, Vice President of Marketplace Design and Matching for Yahoo! Search Marketing announced yesterday at SES some new enhancements and updates for Yahoo Search Marketing’s new advertising platform.

New Payment Option: PayPal

PayPal, which is a secure and flexible online payment option, will be available to all advertisers. Yahoo knows that a lot of their advertisers in the retail space already use PayPal so this feature will allow them an easy option.

Enhancements to Writing Ads

Advertisers will now have the capabilities to create, delete, edit and copy all saved ads (up to 20) for a particular ad group in one place. Advertisers will be able to compare performance and keywords of each ad against one another with one click.

Ad testing will be implemented by prompting advertisers to create a second ad immediately following the creation of their first ad. This will allow advertisers to compare performance against one another to increase the quality index score.

Low Quality Index Score Alert

Every 30 days Yahoo will check quality index scores and advertisers will be informed via email if their score has fallen one bar.

All these enhancements that are planned to launch August 28th should increase the performance of your paid listings, but what do you think? Is there anything else Yahoo should add?

  • Hello Drew…….

    Nice post……….
    Keep doing..
    Its a great news for internet marketers.

  • I don’t like it’s enough – sound remenicent of stuff google does? What about opening service to public so advertisers have more oppt. more eyes. I hate google but atleast if i wanted to jion they would let me in.

  • That was some good piece of information you have shared drew…
    I think the new plans of yahoo marketing will really help the advertisers to be quality conscious.