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There’s a new report out today that suggests online advertising spend will overtake US newspaper advertising by the year 2011, according to

The findings are from a widely-watched annual research report on the media sector by Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS).

In the 2007 study, published on Tuesday, VSS forecasts that online advertising will grow by more than 21 per cent per year to reach $62bn in 2011, making it bigger than newspaper advertising, which is expected to total $60bn in 2011.

Broadcast television and cable and satellite television combined will continue to take the biggest share of advertising dollars, and are forecast to reach $86bn in 2011.

Makes you wonder if Google’s expansion into print advertising is a smart move or not.

Whadya think?

  • It is beyond me to be honest why it has taken even this long for online spending to surpass newspaper spending.

  • Of course it’s a smart move. When all those people that’ve been advertising through Google in print finally catch on and decide to advertise online, who do you think they’re going to turn to?

  • This doesnt surprise me at all…I work in a company that has clients whose main focus is online marketing and newspapers last. I think 2011 is too far away and that it will be sooner that that.

  • We are certainly big believers in online ad spending! We also believe that there is great value in print advertising for our clients, and are determined to bring that value to them with the best targeting capabilities and the least friction possible.

  • Thank you for this article.

    I’ve been following the online ad market with regard to local online advertising.

    It’s hard to gauge the accuracy of the information that is published – not that I’m accusing any one company or publication of outright lying.

    Anyway, additional articles or information that you find is always appreciated.

  • Hi – I find it incredible that people haven’t already seen this coming – particularly if they are in the print media.


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