Pushing Gmail A Little Further

emoze emoze, a business unit of Emblaze – a new breed of telecoms vendor provisioning advanced solutions for mobile communication – has announced the launch of its push e-mail service for Gmail and Google Mail users (in UK, Germany, Australia).

Push e-mail is used to describe e-mail systems that provide an “always-on” capability, in which new e-mail is instantly and actively transferred (pushed) as it arrives by the mail delivery agent (MDA) (commonly called mail server) to the mail user agent (MUA), also called the e-mail client. Source: Wikipedia

Committed to the democratisation of mobile e-mail, the free service from emoze will be targeting millions of Gmail account holders worldwide that own standard mobile devices. Research Analyst, Cheryl Gutowski, confirms:

GoogleBot Understands Comments

Blog comments have long been a link building tool for many SEOs (unfortunately). Before the nofollow tag, comment abuse ran rampant, and now with the nofollow tag in place, many people search high and low for blogs that have it removed.

I am personally against the nofollow tag. It’s one of the most absurd ideas to come out of the search engines in a long time. It has done nothing to stop the daily influx of automated comment spam it sought to stop.

That being said, I am also not one to remove the nofollow attribute from blog comments. All that accomplishes is attracting more attention from spammers. Next thing you know you’re on a few public yesfollow spam lists and probably hundreds of private ones. I can think of a few ways to turn a yesfollow blog into a good link building scheme that in the end, only benefits you. Luckily there are easier and safer ways to build link equity.

Will There Be a Google Phone After All?

The last time we mentioned the ever-persistent rumors of the Google Phone (or GPhone), it was to point out that Google has left a gaping loop hole in their previous statements about the phone, just in case they’ll really come back and do it. And yet again, the rumors have surfaced that they will.

CNET reported on Friday on the latest rumors, this time from India, that Google’s wireless phone could be launched within two weeks. CNET’s Marguerite Reardon discounts the rumors, including reports from Rediff.com that say:

Sources close to the development said a simultaneous launch across the US and Europe is expected, and announcements would be sent to media firms in India and other parts of the world. US regulatory approval, which is expected soon, is the only hurdle that Google is waiting to cross, they added.

An Alternative to Advertising?

The New York Times today covers the history of micropayments. Once heralded as the next wave in economics and banking, micropayments were quickly maligned in academic circles. Processing costs were just one reason of many cited to explain why the phenomenon would never catch on—especially online.

And yet today, micropayments seem to be thriving online. Single-song download services, with songs priced as low as $0.94 and stock photos from $1 are just a few examples of a system that seems to have found its home on the Internet.

After citing this example, however, the New York Times goes on to state that micropayments are ultimately failing online—and one reason for this is Google AdSense.

Pilgrim’s Picks for August 27 – Post SES Edition

There’s nothing quite like the joy of being at a conference for a week and then coming back to your inbox and RSS feeds.

Hopefully our 26 Free Tools for Buzz Monitoring is plenty to keep you entertained for the day. In case you need more, here’s the rest of today’s interesting news.

Social Media Monitoring Tools: 26 Free Online Reputation Tools

There are a lot of companies that will happily relieve you of your dollars, in exchange for buzz monitoring services. While many large companies will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a company track their reputation for them, the rest of us need something a little less expensive–or better yet, free!

We’ve compiled a list of twenty six buzz monitoring tools that are free of charge. Use these tools to keep track of your company reputation or even spy on your competition! Take a look at Trackur.com if you need all-in-one social media monitoring tools.

1. Your Industry

If you simply don’t have time to track everything that specifically relates to your company–or your competition–you can still track news that relates to your industry. Moreover and Yahoo are just a couple of resources that offer RSS feeds for aggregated industry news.

A Six Step Plan to be Profitable in Internet Retail

Just after I wrote my rather negative post entitled Six reasons NOT to try to be an online retailer, I read Aaron Wall’s post about how hard it is to sell yourself if you are too negative. Ouch! Good thing I am not trying to be a consultant or I would be starving.

Several people wrote interesting comments after the last post. Some of pointed out that the term “profitable” is relative and I agree. For example, if you are investing a ton of your time to make an extra thousand dollars a month, I do not consider that profitable. It is more like working for minimum wage. Also, I do not believe that those kind of sites have a future. I firmly believe that if you want an online business that is going to stand the test of time, you have to really go for it rather than just dabbling.