Posted August 31, 2007 11:06 am by with 6 comments

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We wanted to let you know about a few housekeeping items.

First up, there’s now an official Marketing Pilgrim Facebook group. What is it good for? Not sure yet, but we’ll likely use it for some contests or scoops, so you might want to join it.

Next, after “testing” Digg for almost a year, I’ve now decided to start a new profile with my real name! You can follow my submissions here. I have no intention of submitting posts from Marketing Pilgrim–but that doesn’t stop you. 🙂

Lastly, remember that contest to give away $300 to one lucky RSS subscriber? Well we ran the secret message this week and we’ve randomly selected our winner. Congratulations to Andrew Miller!

Stay tuned for another Marketing Pilgrim contest launching before the end of September.

  • Jordan McCollum

    LOL, I never even noticed the secret message!

  • I missed it too, the first time through. I skimmed through a few days’ worth of posts in Google Reader but decided to go back and re-read one in particular. Just by coincidence I saw the ad. Chalk it up to luck. I mean fanatical attention to the contest. Yes, that’s it 😉

    Thanks again Andy!

  • Darn, totally missed it. It’s probably because I lurk on the website for some reason, rather than get here through the feed.

    Must be because I have 300 feeds to scan and I’m just overloaded at the moment …

    Anyway, good on ya, Andrew !

  • Congrats Andrew! What are you going to spend the $$ on?

  • It’s going into savings…the wife and I are saving for a house. Every little bit helps. Wish I had something more interesting to report!

  • Congratulations Andrew, and kudos on the plans to save the money versus spending it now.

    Seeing this is reason enough for me to get on board with the RSS subscription!