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You’re either missing me, or glad that I’ve been at SES San Jose and not blogging much this week–if it’s the latter, please keep to yourself. 😉

I’ll be back in the saddle next week but wanted to share these three different corporate transparency news items.

  • The airline industry could use some more transparency and Delta Airlines is hoping to be more open with the launch of their new blog. Under the Wing will bring us posts from Delta execs and employees. It’s a little bland but they do have a blogroll and allow comments–which is not always the norm with corporate blogs. Still, should we be a little guarded considering the first post is from the company’s top marketing exec? Let’s hope we get some transparency from Delta. (hat-tip Sheila)
  • PayPal has also decided to take the plunge and launch an official company blog. Creatively titled The PayPal Blog 😉 one of the first comments asked if the blog was fake. That would take PayPal phishing to a new level!
  • Last up, Spirit Airlines takes transparency to a whole new level. I’m all for being open and honest with customers, but I thing Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza went a little too far. He hit “reply to all” on a recent customer complaint.

…we owe him nothing as far as I’m concerned. Let him tell the world how bad we are. He’s never flown us before anyway and will be back when we save him a penny.

And “tell the world” is exactly what the customer did!

  • Jordan McCollum


    Hope your presentation (and trip home) went well!